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Confessions of a Christian Curmudgeon: Spiritual Un-Disciplines

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

Spiritual Un-Disciplines.

I believe in a life lived and transformed by spiritual disciplines. I love many and have tried many. (Ignatian, lectio divina, centering prayer, silent retreat. Etc.) Last year in fact, I spent over a month preaching on some. But it’s a daily struggle to remove myself from the world of social media, news and rumor sites,  checking email, and Netflix. I so want to meet God in those opportunities of connection. I so want more intimacy with the Divine. But the addictions sometimes are overwhelming. But here’s the thing – God loves me in the Netflix and in the disciplines. I don’t get extra points for doing one over the other. What I do get from the disciplines is an intimacy and fulfillment that surpasses all the other activities. I just can’t seem to flip the proportions. Therefore my prayer is that God would increase my love and desire for Him.

So good night. I’m off to watch the next episode of Arrested Development. Er, I mean, I’m off to pray! 😳

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