Every week meet we in person and on Zoom. Please contact us for log in info.   Click here for other info on our Facebook page.


We are a multicultural, non-denominational church in Bethlehem, PA

We know sometimes visiting a new church can be scary and intimidating. But at The Gate we strive to make a comfortable, safe, and inclusive family environment. Also, we’re small and we love it, because it gives us the chance to build strong, intimate relationships. Our size also allows us the opportunity for engaging and conversational sermons.

We are a Christ-centered church that knows we aren’t perfect, but because of God’s grace and unending love, He sent Jesus to save and transform us. We also know that the life of faith is a journey; a road that has its mountains and valleys. And to take on these victories and obstacles we’re gonna need some help – and that is why God has given us the Church. That is what The Gate is all about: Establishing a community of faith, that is centered in Truth, and grounded in Love.

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